Drilling Fluids & Products



AMC is a specialist supplier of quality drilling products and services to the mineral exploration and mining industries worldwide.

With an extensive range of reliable products supported by experts in the field, on-site training and significant investment in R&D, we work with customers to meet their needs. AMC provides site specific products as well as innovative, environmentally-friendly alternatives. Satellite distribution centres are strategically located around the world to ensure operations are not compromised by inventory shortages.

Research & development

AMC continually invests in R&D to provide environmentally-friendly solutions and effective drilling products. This includes a fully serviced laboratory with inhouse chemists who develop our quality products and chemicals.

Quality products & chemicals

An extensive range of quality fluids and chemicals in response to our customers growing needs. AMC provides quality drilling fluids, products and onsite support for the following applications:

  • Foaming agents and detergents
  • Lubricants & cutting oils
  • Viscosifiers
  • Specialty products
  • Flocculants and dispersants
  • Treating chemicals
  • Weighting materials
  • Clay and shale stabiliser
  • Cement and grouting additives
  • Commercial chemicals
  • Fluid loss control agents
  • Displacement plug
  • Testing equipment
  • Treating chemicals
  • Rig equipment (mixing)

On-site technical support

Providing the very best technical advice and support to our customers in the following ways:

  • Drilling fluid programs
  • Engineering services
  • Analytical services with fully-equipped laboratory

Training programs

General and specific training in:

  • Comprehensive fluids management
  • Gaining certificate 1 and 2 water well licences
  • Schools designed to address specific training requirements
  • Overall management of drilling fluids phase of the project.

AMC ‘Mud Schools’ are designed to address specific customer requirements and provide a unique hands-on opportunity to experience the products and equipment and apply their learnings in real environments. Mud schools and training are an integral part of the superior level of service and expertise accessible to our customers worldwide.

Equipment & rental

AMC develops and markets a range of equipment for fluid containment and transfer including:

  • Surface Solids Control Unit  – a unique product that allows surface drilling operations to be conducted without the need to dig conventional ground pits
  • Underground Solids Control Unit  – a unique product for underground drilling operations.