Geotechnology is the branch of civil engeneering studying the hidraulic and mechanical properties of all material coming from the earth. Geologists investigate soil and rocks beneath the earth’s surface to determine its properties and to define proper cimentations for heavy structures like tall buildings, bridges, hidroelectric powerplants, etc….






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Dimatec Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality metal bond diamond tools and related “down the hole” equipment that are used primarily by the mineral exploration and the geotechnical survey industries.From the Dimatec product range, we enphasize the Diamond Bits and Reaming Shells.

General Application Chart for Mineral Exploration Bits.



Impregnated Diamond Core Bit

The impregnated diamond core bit has emerged as the most commonly used type in the mineral exploration industry. The advantages of using impregnated diamond core bits over bits manufactured with other cutting media include: An extremely wide range of application. A simple crown geometry that makes them less susceptible to in-hole damage than bits produced with other types of cutting media and as such are more tolerant of changing or banded geological formations. Their multi-layered cutter arrangement results in better overall bit life than bits produced with other types of cutting media. They are particularly well suited for drilling in hard, consolidated, non-abrasive formations.

HR-Series Impregnated Diamond Core Bits

In addition to our standard range of D-Series impregnated diamond core bit matrices, Dimatec also offers our high performance HR-Series range of impregnated diamond matrices.

Dimatec’s HR-Series impregnated diamond core bits have been specifically designed for use in Hard Rock drilling applications where formation conditions are generally consolidated and fine grained with high compressive strengths and Mohs hardness values in the 6 to 8 range. Traditionally, it has been necessary to apply higher bit loads when drilling under these conditions in order to achieve acceptable rates of penetration – usually at the expense of overall bit life and premature wear on drill string components.

After conducting extensive field tests with the HR-Series range of impregnated diamond core bits, several performance benefits have been identified. These include: Very smooth cutting characteristics throughout the life of the bit when drilling through even the hardest formations.

A relatively low weight-on-bit is required to maintain a high rate of penetration. In some cases, a reduction in bit load of as much as 30% has been realized with HR-Series bits while achieving or exceeding the penetration rates of competitive products. The application of lower bit loads results in less wear and tear on drill string components as there is less potential for flexure or over-tightening of the thread connections. Under most conditions,

HR-Series bits are self-sharpening. Very little intervention by the drill operator is required to keep the bit cutting steadily.

HR-Series bits have demonstrated an ability to drill through fractured formations with significantly fewer core blocks than competitive products. Improved overall bit life and exceptional production rates in harder, consolidated and fine grained formations.

Surface-Set Diamond Core Bit

As the name suggests, the surface-set diamond bit differs from the impregnated diamond type in that they are set with a single layer of natural drill diamond on the working surfaces of the bit crown in a pre-determined pattern.

The diamonds are mounted in a bit crown powdered metal matrix body that is fused to a steel tool body or shank. Unlike impregnated diamond bits where the controlled erosion of the powdered metal bit crown is desirable to expose new diamond crystals, the metal bond matrix used for all Dimatec surface-set bits is extremely tough and wear resistant. The function of the bit crown matrix body on a surface-set bit is to securely hold the diamonds in position throughout the operational life of the bit.

Surface-Set diamond bits are primarily recommended for use in drilling relatively soft, abrasive, unconsolidated formations that are not effectively drilled by impregnated diamond bits. They are also recommended for use in drilling harder formations where the available rotational speeds and bit loads are insufficient to use impregnated diamond bits due to drilling equipment limitations.

In most cases, surface-set diamond bits will provide higher rates of penetration than impregnated diamond bits in softer formations due largely to the greater degree of exposure of the individual diamond crystals. However, as they are set with only a single layer of diamond crystals,surface-set diamond bits will generally yield a lower overall bit life than impregnated diamond bits.

Geotechnical Core Bits

This group of products are similar to surface-set diamond bits in that they are set with a single layer of cutters mounted on the face of the bit in a pre-determined pattern. Instead of natural drill diamond however, the cutting media used on geotechnical bits are synthetic polycrystalline diamond elements. These elements are composed of micron-sized particles of synthetic diamond that have been formed into various geometric shapes. Like surface-set diamond bits, geotechnical bit crowns consist of a tough wear resistant matrix body that as a minimum includes natural diamond gauge protection setting. In most cases, the gauge protection setting augmented with seismic grade tungsten-carbide pads and/or polycrystalline diamond elements..




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You do realize the difficulties in drilling straight. The fact that boreholes eviate is however not that important – as long as you know the exact position of the hole. The only way to find out that true position is by surveying. With accurate surveying information on hand, you can make decisions with confidence. Surveying will save you money and increase your profit.Reflex is a leading provider world wide of borehole surveying instruments for the mining, exploration, construction and oil industries.ApplicationsMining – Surveying will moderate mining costs by pin pointing ore bodies, eliminating deviation anomalies, preventing dilution and avoiding secondary fragmentation.Exploration – Surveying will improve the success in prospecting by eliminating deviation anomalies, discovering magnetic ore bodies and by locating the ore body with exactness.Construction – Surveying will economize construction operations by providing information about hole patterns, deviations of evenly spaced holes and positions of ground anchors and instrumentation.Product portfolio


Reflex ACT

Reflex ACT is an electronic core orientation device, designed to achieve accurate and consistent orientations for structural and geotechnical purposes, in badly broken formations.

Consistent and Accurate Orientations

Based on modern gravimetric sensors, Reflex ACT measures independent components of the earth’s gravitational field, and correlates this information to accurately determine bottom of hole and the original position of the core sample in the substrate.

Reflex EZ-AQ®

Reflex EZ-AQ® is a magnetic surveying instrument for AQ-sized boreholes.

For special needs

The diameter of Reflex EZ-AQ® is only 25 mm, which permits measurements in boreholes from AQ-size and upwards. Reflex EZ-AQ® may be equipped with a heat shield and a heavy duty pressure barrel, which allows the instrument to withstand an ambient temperature of +177C/+350F for ten hours and a pressure of up to 20,000 psi.

Reflex EZ-Dip®

Reflex EZ-Dip®is a small electronic instrument for dip measurements.


Non-magnetic inclinometer

Reflex EZ-Dip® measures dip, or inclination, with respect to gravity. The electronic solid state sensors are not affected by magnetism, so Reflex EZ-Dip® may be used close to construction steel, inside drill strings and in other magnetic environments.

Handy instrument

Reflex EZ-Dip® is a handy instrument, only 203 mm long. Set up and control is easily managed via an integrated membrane keypad. Survey results are conveniently presented on the built-in display.

Reflex EZ-Shot®

Reflex EZ-Shot® is an electronic single shot instrument that is best used when you quickly need a limited number of surveys in a non-magnetic environment.

Single shot measurements

Reflex EZ-Shot® accurately measures six parameters in one single shot; azimuth, inclination, magnetic tool face angle, gravity roll angle, magnetic field strength and temperature. All parameters are selectable and readable at the integrated membrane keypad.

Immediate presentation

The survey data is presented on the display of the instrument immediately after recovery from the drill hole. All measured data is stored until the start of next survey. Stores 50 surveys internally. Post processing of survey data is possible with the Reflex SProcess application.

Reflex EZ-Trac

Reflex EZ-Trac is a multifunctional magnetic instrument for Single shot, Multi Shot and Orientation surveys.

Accurate and Reliable

Based on modern magnetic and gravimetric sensors, Reflex EZ-Trac performs surveys in all directions with high accuracy. Reflex EZ-Trac is built to take harsh treatment – the robust and durable design and the fully water protected pressure barrel ensures a minimum of time and costs for maintenance and repair.


Efficient and Multifunctional

With Reflex EZ-Trac, the un-productive time for training, preparations and procedures is minimised. Reflex EZ-Trac covers all surveying needs, meaning that the drilling crew only has to be trained once. As the instrument is housed in a pressure barrel and no additional running gear is needed, the assembling time could almost be neglected. Control is achieved either via the accomplished Reflex EMS PPC application running on a Recon device or via Reflex EZ-Com, a dedicated control unit recognised for its simplicity.

Reflex Maxibor® II

Reflex Maxibor® II is an advanced instrument for highly accurate surveys – also in magnetically disturbed environments.

Unaffected by magnetism

Reflex Maxibor® II calculates the spatial coordinates along the drill hole path based on optical measurements of direction changes and gravimetric measurements of dip changes. The non-magnetic measuring principles make Reflex Maxibor® II ideal for surveys in magnetically disturbed rock or inside metal drill rods.

Graphical presentation on site Reflex Maxibor® II is managed from a handheld computer with a comprehensive user interface. An infrared communication link assures fast and reliable data transfer. Survey data is presented in tabular as well as in 2D and interactive 3D graphical format on the handheld computer.

Reflex™ SProcess

Reflex SProcess is a Windows based processing software for Reflex survey data. Integrated project area

Reflex SProcess provides a single integrated project area for viewing, printing and exporting survey data generated by Reflex instruments. All survey types may be displayed at the same time, allowing you to “mix and match” surveys.


Survey data can be exported to other programs for further processing, such as exploration and mine planning systems. It is possible to export a single survey file or a mixture of several surveys. Reflex SProcess allows export to ASCII and Atlas Copco RML formats.






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