BIMBAR Inflatable Packers PETROMETALIC has been supplying BIMBAR inflatable hoses for nearly 30 years, initially for water infusion in coal mines, then as single and double packers with central pipe for underground injection, in public works.
Our BIMBAR sleeves are manufactured using layers of steel cables bedded into natural rubber giving them the strength to resist the rough conditions of worksite use. The exceptional expansion capacity enables a good seal either in regular or uneven boreholes, as well as facilitating running in and retrieving.Our packers are used around the work of aquifers isolations, injection of consolidating or waterproofing grouts, for site investigation and “tubes à manchettes” (sleeves tubes) grouting.Single Packers


The inflation hose is connected to its orifice and the packer is lowered into the borehole on injection tube.When the packer is at the required depth, it is inflated using any neutral fluid or gas, usually water or compressed air.


Maintaining the pressure on the inflation line, injection is done through the central stainless steel injection tube.


When injection is completed the packer is deflated by simply bleeding off the pressure on the inflation hose.


Double Packers


The PETROMETALIC double packer is often used for sleeve pipe grouting in construction work.


The double packer is used for permeability testing and underground injection when a specific zone needs to be isolated.


The length between the inflatable elements is manufactured according to individual requirements.


Double Packers – Z and TP types Connections TP TYPE


The double packers in ‘traditional’ assembly TP (perforated tube) have three sliding ends and are available in diameters from 42 mm to 170 mm. The standard lengths of perforated tube are 500 and 1000 mm (for lengths above 1000 mm, extension rods are available).
Note: these packers can’t be transformed into single ones.







Available in 24, 30 and 42 mm diameters, the double packers type Z are mainly designed for injection into ‘tubes à manchettes’. Their characteristic is a constant distance between rubbers, the Z, and only one sliding end. The lower sleeve mounted without central tube is flexible, making the packer easy to introduce into or to retrieve from the ‘tubes à manchettes’.
Note: these packers can be easily transformed into single packers with the help of an additional assembly available on request





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